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Thursday, September 24, 2020

CHEF Signature Pastes

Exceptional flavours from an exceptional range, new CHEF Signature Pastes give chefs the freedom they need to experiment with taste while adding their own unique ‘signature’ touch to dishes.

Available in three intense flavours - CHEF Black Garlic Paste, CHEF Red & Port Wine Reduction and CHEF Fermented Pepper Paste – they will enhance and add depth to any dish hot or cold.


CHEF Black Garlic Paste - developed through a fermentation process, fresh garlic is transformed to create a sweet and umami rich garlic flavour to use at any stage of the cooking process. It removes the hassle of having to ferment garlic from 60 to 90 days.

CHEF Fermented Pepper Paste – Delivers a unique fermented pepper flavour, with the intense aromatic flavour of pepper, but with mellowed heat and increased acidity. 

CHEF Red & Port Wine Reduction Paste - delivers an intense red wine and a balance of sweetness and acidity to increase the complexity and depth of taste. Equivalent to 7L of red and port wine per tub. Already concentrated and reduced, saving you 3 hours preparation time.


CHEF Black Garlic Paste CHEF Fermented Pepper PasteCHEF Red Wine Port Reduction

Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian

Unsurpassed for their ease of application and usability, the on-trend pastes are all Gluten Free certified.

The CHEF Black Garlic Paste and CHEF Fermented Pepper Paste are both vegan and vegetarian, while the CHEF Red & Port Wine Reduction is also suitable for vegetarian diets. They dissolve instantly and mix in effortlessly into base ingredients to reduce complexity in busy kitchens and save on time. Once opened, the pastes have a shelf life of six weeks.

All three flavours come in a handy 450g tub for easy storage in pantries and fridges. Better for the environment, the tubs are also re-useable and recyclable.


The range is suitable for a wide array of applications: use as a stock, bouillon, sauce, marinade, as a seasoning to enhance sauces, hot or cold, or wherever your imagination takes you. 


Discover the NEW CHEF Signature Pastes today on our dedicated CHEF site HERE. PLUS, get your FREE copy of the CHEF recipe book for extra inspiration on different applications when using them.

Delicious CHEF Recipes available

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Our existing CHEF Liquid Concentrates

Don't forget our existing range of CHEF Liquid Concentrates which also have a suite of delicious recipes!

The range is:

• Gluten free
• Extremely versatile: can be diluted into a stock, or simply added to any dish to achieve the desired flavour profile.
• Makes 6.6L prepared stock per 200mL bottle

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