If you are starting a new restaurant or looking to give your cafeteria an upgrade, all the decisions you need to make can quickly become overwhelming. One crucial task is finding reliable suppliers and food solutions to support your kitchen staff. The right food brands have the potential to become trusted culinary solutions that streamline prep and cooking.

With over 100 years of experience providing quality products to Australian and New Zealand businesses, we are committed to providing good food for good living. Our diverse portfolio offers the quality and consistency you need to profitably grow your food service operation.

Nestle offers brands you love, such as the Australian classic Milo. With Nestle chocolate, Nestle docello, and Carnation, you can create crowd pleasing desserts and pastries. Products and sauces from Buitoni, Haoji, and Maggi are trusted and reliable assistants in the kitchen. No matter the style of your service or cuisine, you can find a helping hand at Nestle.

Culinary Solutions

Choosing the right food service for your business

There are a handful of different food service options for you to choose from when designing your restaurant, hotel, or event venue. Deciding which one is best suited for you depends on factors such as the size of your location, the skill level and number of staff, and the environment or atmosphere.

Buffet services don’t require much service from your stuff but do require extra room to host the buffet line. If you are shorter on space, waiter service might be more appropriate as they can bring the food directly from the kitchen to the customer. Spaces that are too small to host many customers, such as a café, might want to consider a self-service option where the patron can order and pick up their food from the counter as takeaway.

The less you ask your customers to do, the more you require of your staff. Waiter services have the staff take care of everything from taking orders to serving food and collecting payment. Banquet services can be tricky for cooks as they require mass coordination of dishes to be ready and fresh all at the same time.

The food service style plays into the atmosphere. For example, buffet styles are great for large group events. Silver service, where the waiter transfers food from the service dish to the patron’s plate, is more formal. Waiter service with pre-portioned and individual plates can be as fancy or casual as you’d like based on the process and demeanour of the staff.


Selecting the right food supplier for your business

Take your time selecting the right food supplier for your business, as they play a crucial role in having reliable, quality ingredients. Before reaching out to different suppliers for quotes or proposals, know what details are important for your business. How quickly do you need the food? Do they have a minimum or maximum order? What are their delivery methods? If sustainability is important for your brand, can they provide quality assurance on their products? What is their level of customer service and availability to answer your questions?  

Once you’ve settled on the key information, start collecting proposals. Ask your staff for help evaluating them if you want a second opinion or are overwhelmed with the responses. After picking the right fit, have regular performance reviews to ensure you’re happy with their level of service and culinary solutions.