Are you looking to create and sell wholesale confectionery? New Zealand is home to unique sweets and treats that are exported worldwide, so you have inspiration all around you.

Confectionery is a bit of an umbrella term for sugar-based desserts. It can be broken down into different subgroups such as bakers’, sugar, and even chocolate. Bakers’ confectionery is generally baked and features flour as the main ingredient such as cakes, pastries, doughnuts, and cookies. It’s more of a dessert while sugar confectionery is more of a treat or snack. Sugar confectionery covers lollies, candied fruits and nuts, and chewing gum. Chocolate can be included in the sugar category or separated into its own.

Nestle has been producing chocolate for over 100 years. For us, chocolate is a passion. We’ve made it our business to share this passion with as many of our customers as possible, because we believe chocolate can make a good menu great. If you’re using chocolate in your confectionery creations, turn to Nestle chocolate for high-quality taste and consistency you can trust.

Types of wholesale confectionery in NZ

There are two main types of confectionery in New Zealand and across the world: bakers’ and sugar. Bakers’ confectionery is generally what we think of when we think of desserts found in bakeries. These include things such as cakes, sweet pastries, cookies, pies, and tarts. Sugar confectionery is more often found in grocery and convenience stories. Think more along the lines of lollies, candy bars, caramel, chocolate, sugar-coated fruits and nuts, and marshmallows.

Wholesale confectionery is often found in vending machines at a workplace or an event centre. They’re individually packaged and easy to sell to customers on the go. If you’re looking to bake or create your own desserts, you can use wholesale confectionery to make unique desserts for your customers. Bakery displays often combine their homemade creations with confectionery toppings and flavours such as Oreo cakes, Malteser doughnuts, and marshmallow (or s’mores) tarts.



Ways to use Nestle chocolate in cooking

Chocolate is one of the most popular flavours and ingredients used in desserts. If your recipe uses chocolate, take note on if it calls for compound chocolate or not. Compound chocolate is best for recipes that need melted chocolate. The ingredients in compound chocolate are different to ‘real’ or couverture chocolate. Instead of being made with cocoa fat and chocolate liquor, compound chocolate uses vegetable oils and cocoa powder. This means you don’t have to worry about tempering the chocolate and it will melt easily without the ingredients separating.

Nestle offers a range of chocolate products that are perfect for cooking. From white to milk to dark chocolate, you’ll find the flavour you’re after. The chocolate also comes as little bits and buttons that are perfect for decoration or melting. We also offer cocoa powder, which can be used to create rich brownies and baked goods. You can rely on Nestle chocolate to be easy to work with and provide a high-quality taste for your customers.