Seasoning is the difference between good cooking and great cooking. It creates complex flavours. It makes the dish more vibrant. It elevates the main ingredients. Cooks have dozens of different spices, herbs, salt and pepper at their disposal. The seasonings can be bought individually to make unique flavour combinations. They can also be bought in packets like MAGGI products powder seasoning. The powder seasoning is a blend of natural, fresh herbs and spices that make it easy to add just the right amount of each component to your dish.

Though sauces are often served as the sidekick and not the hero of the dish themselves, they play a massive role in the makings of a great meal. They can do the heavy lifting in the prep work with marinades. They can provide complementary flavours or textures to the dish. Sauces can also elevate the presentation and visual appeal. For example, Haoji products are popular among Sichuan lovers and chefs. Suitable for both Eastern and Western dishes, the range offers Sichuan style cooking solutions.

Asian Sauces

How to season your dishes with wholesale seasoning

Learning to season properly is a bit of a ‘trial and error’ skill. There is a lot of tasting involved to check where the dish is at, and then recheck it after adding more. Salt and pepper are the one-two punch of seasoning. You’d be hard pressed to find a dish – especially a savory one – that isn’t improved by having at least one of those two ingredients. There are heaps of other ways to get flavour in your food besides just salt and pepper though. Acids, sweeteners, spices and herbs add another layer of dimension. Once you have an idea of how they affect different dishes, it can become second nature to add them in.

There is an extra challenge to getting the right amount of flavour throughout the entire batch when bulk cooking.  Don’t be afraid to get in there and experiment with adding more. If you’re nervous about ruining the whole batch, take out a small bite and season that to see if it is an improvement. Buying bulk seasonings wholesale will help to ensure you always have the right ingredients on hand.


How to use sauces in bulk cooking

Whether you’re cooking for a large crowd at once or a lot of customers over a period of time, bulk cooking can make everything more efficient. Time spent preparing ingredients in batches and increasing the recipe size improves time management. Creating large quantities of sauce that can store or be reheated will allow you to have it ready to go when needed.

Sauces that are key in the cooking of the dish, like barbeques and marinades, are great to have in bulk so you can easily make more of the meat or main at short notice. If the sauce goes with the dish such as a pasta sauce, making bulk batches and keeping it warm will allow you to serve it as you go. Pre-made dessert sauces make it possible to add the final touches at the last minute. It also allows you to have more components on the plate than you otherwise would have if you had to make everything at the same time.

Sauces add flavour, texture, and variety to your meals. They are found in every kitchen, accompanying dishes in every course. Using sauces when bulk cooking will allow you to maintain a high quality and taste across your dishes.