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MAGGI CLASSIC Chicken Flavoured Gluten Free Booster 2.4kg x 6

MAGGI CLASSIC Chicken Flavoured Booster Gluten Free gives you the flavour of chicken to add taste to your stocks, gravies, soups, sauces, casseroles, marinades, rice dishes, quiches and pies.

Gluten Free.
No added MSG.
Dissolves instantly.

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Use & Storage


  • Shelf Life: 12 Months
  • Store in a col, dry place. Replace lid tightly.


  • As a liquid stock: Using the serving quantities table as a guide, add the booster powder to boiling water and stir.
  • As a flavour booster: Sprinkle the booster powder in dry form while cooking. The amount of dry booster powder required will vary according to the recipe and the level of beef flavour intensity desired.

Logistics Data

Packaging information

Pack Size2.4 kg x 6
Pack Yield96 L
Portion Size120 mL/ 3 g powder
Servings Per Tub800


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