The Leftover Dilemma

Friday, May 14, 2021

Despite your planning efforts, there’s usually extra food that you didn’t serve left at the end of the night. What can you do with it to reduce waste?

The leftover dilemma
  • As long as the quality of the food won’t suffer and you have the storage space, you can always store it for future use. 
  • Be sure to label the storage container with the contents and date you prepared it.
  • After the shift, give remaining food away to employees. 
  • Give to charity, making arrangements with non-profits like local soup kitchens or food pantries so you can put your food to good use and build goodwill in your community at the same time. Keep records of these donations so you can claim them as tax deductions where allowed by law. 
  • Make arrangements with your nearby farms (including your suppliers) to use your scraps for animal feed.