Gluten Free. Exceptionally Delicious.

    With growing interest in eating gluten free, Stouffer’s can help you appeal to everyone with these popular gluten free products.
    Stouffer’s Alfredo Sauces – now gluten free, combines the traditional rich, smooth flavor of real cream, aged Parmesan, and ground black pepper. This is real food – easy to make and delicious to eat.
    Make delectable appetizers shareable with delicious, Stouffer’s Queso Cheese Dip and savory Spinach Artichoke Dip - made with flavorful aged cheeses! These starters and snacks offer all the flavor without preservatives and now gluten free!
    Serve satisfying holiday favorites all season long with sweet and savory options! Stouffer’s Whipped Sweet Potatoes and Yam & Apples provide gluten free, mouth-watering sides for every customer!

    Discover the exceptional taste of 
    Stouffer's new gluten free products by trying them yourself.

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    Stouffer's Yams & Apples
    Yams & Apples
    Pack Size UPCNestlé Code
    4x80 oz. Pack1001380030496111004070
    Stouffer's Gluten Free Whipped Sweet Potatoes
    Whipped Sweet Potatoes
    Pack Size UPCNestlé Code
    4x96 oz. pouch1001380030409111003967
    Stouffer's Gluten Free Spinach Artichoke Dip
    Spinach Artichoke Dip
    Pack Size UPCNestlé Code
    4/64 oz. pouch1001380030508111004081
    Stouffer's Gluten Free Queso Cheese Dip
    Queso Cheese Dip
    Pack Size UPCNestlé Code
    4/64 oz. pouch0001380044272712050498
    Plate of pasta with Stouffers Gluten Free Alfredo Sauce
    Alfredo Sauce
    Pack Size UPCNestlé Code
    4/64 oz. pouch100138003048170011003974
    4/96 oz. pouch100138003047010112204506
    Plate of salmon with Stouffers Gluten Free Alfredo Parmigiana sauce
    Alfredo Parmigiana Sauce
    Pack Size UPCNestlé Code
    4/64 oz. pouch100138006776930012238519

    Exceptional Taste

    No preservatives.


    Complements gluten free pastas, shrimp, vegetables and chicken for unlimited versatility.


    The flavorful elements of true scratch-made Alfredo—real cream, aged Parmesan cheeses.


    Creamy texture and rich mouthfeel.


    No artificial flavors.

    Exceptional Performance

    Same great taste, now gluten free.


    Scratch-made quality and flavor, to help your kitchen run smoothly.


    A sauce that won't break, thin or change color in holding, heating or recipe use.

    Exceptional Consistency

    Create the same exceptional dish for every diner, every time, with a product that's gluten free.


    Consistent quality keeps customers loyal.


    Consistency means no waste.




    Fact: Alfredo boosts profitability. The appeal of gluten free along with the quality of Stouffer's Alfredo means more customer needs and more dishes are served every day.

    Illustration of a bowlIllustration of a bowl

    Selling just 2 more dishes a day = up to $31** a day in profit

    Average Menu Price1  $21.86Average Menu Price1  $16.95
    Food Costs 30%2  $6.56Food Costs 30%2  $5.09
    Profit Per Plate  $15.30Profit Per Plate  $11.87
    2 more dishes sold a day  $31**2 more dishes sold a day  $24**
    Annual incremental profit*  $11,017Annual incremental profit*  $8,543 


    Up to $11,017 more profit per year, made possible by Stouffer's.

    1MenuMonitor, Technomic 2014
    2Baker Tilly 2014 "Restaurant Benchmarks"
    *Annual is based off of 360 days
    **Incremental profit rounded $30.60 and $23.73

    Two Stouffer's Alfredo Sauce Brochure Covers

    Discover 15 different ways to call Alfredo your own.


    Illustration of a fork and knife

    - 28% of adults 18 and older reported they are avoiding gluten3

    - Gluten-free menu call outs are expected to change +180% over the next four years4

    3NPD April 2013
    4Datassential MenuTrends, 2014