Introducing Real Fruit Beverages

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Nestlé recently introduced their new frozen real-fruit beverage ‘Easy Ice Blends’. With the introduction of any new product, foodservice operators face a number of challenges in both informing consumers of the new addition to their menu and driving sales in the early stages of the products life cycle.

Introducing Real Fruit Beverages

There are few potential issues that can lead to poor sales performance of a new product such as Easy Ice Blends:

  • Existing consumers have their mind’s set on their desired product before entering the store. They have a tendency to stick to this.
  • Existing consumers are not made aware of the availability of this product in-store.
  • Consumers may not be aware of the variety in flavours or of the nutritious ingredients in this product.
  • Consumers may be aware of the product, but have they been converted to actual purchase through incentives or promotional activity?
  • As real fruit smoothies are new products in the chain, should they consider other Communication Strategies to capture the new market?

Consideration of these possibilities is important in ensuring you are setting measures in place to inform and entice consumers into purchase.

So who are these potential consumers?

Potential consumers can be segmented into two groups:

1. Existing customers

This is a great target market and easier to convert as the consumers are already in store, are familiar with the location and to an extent, have developed a relationship of trust with the vendor.

These consumers are receptive to information in-store and the fact that they trust the vendor means this information is more likely to be interpreted as factual and positive.

Efforts should be made in-store to inform existing customers of this new product addition. Explain the benefits. What makes this product unique? Why should they purchase it? Most of these consumers will be willing to listen, so take advantage of this situation and let them know what they are missing.

2. New customers

This target market has yet to visit the store, so should be encouraged through effective promotion of this new product, or through promotion of an alternative product.

Once these consumers are in-store, they can be targeted through in-store promotional activity, such as:

  • Free sampling
  • Gift with purchase
  • Promotional material
  • Pairing the new product with another item

Considering the potential issues you may face when introducing a new product is essential to ensuring you have adequate measures in place to address these issues. Use of the measures above will assist in boosting sales performance and will guarantee you are communicating this new product offering to consumers effectively.