a smoothie, cup of coffee and a frappe


New Zealand’s own chocolate malt drink gives you the energy to go and go and go! NESTLÉ MILO has remained a New Zealand favourite for over 80 years, helping people find the energy they need to succeed since 1936. Quick, easy to make and intensely satisfying, NESTLÉ MILO is now enjoyed the world over as a nutritious choc-malt beverage that tastes as good as it makes you feel. It’s safe to say that New Zealanders have grown-up with NESTLÉ MILO and they will never grow out of it.

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Milano - the birthplace of espresso culture - NESCAFÉ MILANO has captured the essence of style and sophistication, in a one-touch coffee solution. NESCAFÉ MILANO pushes the coffee industry to new heights with a selection of high-quality products and accessories. Delivering barista-quality coffees at the push of a button. NESCAFÉ MILANO is the answer to your customer’s request for a superior beverage experience. When you want superb end-cup quality, look no further than NESCAFÉ MILANO.

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Far from an average refreshment, smoothies have long been enjoyed as a way of combining nutritious and flavoursome ingredients into a delicious beverage that both nourishes and satisfies. Introducing Easy Ice Blends – Frozen smoothies made with the goodness of real fruit in just 15 Seconds. Easy Ice Blends are 99% fat free, contain no artificial flavours or colours and come in 3 delicious options: Banana Oat, Mango & Berry Crush. Quick and easy to prepare, simply blend one frozen Easy Ice Blends tray with 200ml of water for 15 seconds, for a thirst-quenching iced beverage your customer will love.

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