Coffee is a crucial step in a lot of people’s morning routine. With a café on nearly every corner, Australians have a particularly high standard of how they want their morning coffee (or two!) to taste.

While barista-brewed, freshly ground coffee is ideal, it’s not always feasible. Between the cost and time spent going to a café, it’s tempting to make your own cup at home. Not only make it at home but use instant coffee to simplify and speed up the process too. The key is figuring out how to make it as close to that café quality as possible.

If you’re a business looking to supply coffee for the office, one way to make sure it’s top-notch is by offering your employees a coffee pod machine so they can make Starbucks coffee at work. Not only can you guarantee great quality, having pre-portioned pods that are quick and easy to pop into the machine makes it a no-mess, no-stress situation. Individual coffee pods mean each cup of coffee has a guaranteed freshness that large jars of instant coffee will lose over time. Coffee pod machines are also perfect for restaurants or pubs that don’t want machinery that require a barista skillset to use. You can get some espresso martini or iced coffee recipes to make sure you’re offering the perfect selection of coffee.

Starbucks Pods

What coffee machines use Starbucks pods?

Nestle and Starbucks joined forces to create a global coffee alliance in 2018. It combined Nestle’s coffee systems and machines with Starbucks’ unique flavours and house blends. With a range of a half dozen different coffees, customers can pick the right blend for them from lighter bodied and mellow blonde roasts, to smooth and balanced medium roasts, all the way to fuller bodied and bold dark roasts.

Nespresso machines allow you to have your own classic espresso experience. It’s coffee expertise in a cup. Now you can get freshly made Starbucks coffee right at home, at your office, or in your restaurant.


How coffee pods work

Coffee pods are individually packaged capsules that come in a range of coffee blends and flavours. -They simplify the coffee making process while still ensuring the upmost quality and freshness. Nespresso chooses the best quality coffee beans from over 100,000 farmers across the world. The capsules are hermetically sealed, making them airtight to guarantee the coffee beans remain as fresh as they day they were ground. Once you put the coffee pod in the machine, the foil covering automatically breaks. This allows the water to be pushed through the coffee beans in the pod to your cup. The machine heats up the water to the ideal temperature before pushing it through. Though it needs hot water, the water shouldn’t be boiling.

Once the coffee machine is done and you have a fresh cup of coffee, you can add any additives you’d like to finish it off. Common add-ins include milk, cream, and sugar. You can also add cocoa, cinnamon, or ice to change the flavour and temperature.