NESCAFÉ MILANO Espresso Roast 250g x 12

The NESCAFÉ Milano Ispirazione Italiana Coffee Vending Machine Refill is a premium quality coffee that can be enjoyed by yourself or served to customers to leave a lasting impression. It is a 100% Arabica, dark roasted blend that has an extra roasty and strong flavour to satisfy your senses. This Vending Machine coffee with its intense, lasting taste and its stiff and dense crema will have you savouring the experience. It is ideally made in long, black cups or those cups used for Espresso coffees.

Use & Storage


  • Shelf Life: 24 Months.
  • Store in a cool dry place.


  • For use in NESCAFÉ Milano machines only.
  • Preparation: To prepare a cup, the product is prepared in a vending machine, according to the customer choice.
  • 2g in 100mL of 80oC water

Nutritional Value


100% Arabica beans.

Logistics Data

Packaging information

Pack Size250 g x 12
Pack Yield 
Portion Size2 g / 100 mL


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