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Finish Every Dish With Exceptional Flavour

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The ideal base for a first-class finishing touch, introducing MAGGI Gluten Free Sauce Mixes range.

B E  I N S P I R E D 

MAGGI Sauce Mixes are the ultimate culinary foundation to create a first-class finish for every meal you plate. Ready in an instant, they pair perfectly with red and white meat, seafood and vegetables, and make the ultimate base for sensational signature sauces that deliver compliments and convenience.


M A K I N G  G L U T E N  F R E E,  H A S S L E  F R E E

MAGGI Sauce Mixes are now gluten free, making it easier to cater to the growing number of customers avoiding gluten in their diet. As a pioneer of gluten free solutions, NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL is committed to helping chefs create gluten free cuisine with ease, without compromising on flavour.


T H E  R A N G E

Get creative with Jus Lié, Demi-Glace, Cheese Sauce, Béchamel and be inspired and create your own signature sauces with your every day simple ingredients.

Jus Lié

MAGGI Jus Lié Beef Flavoured Sauce Mix provides juicy roasted meat, tomato and red wine flavours to create a well balanced rich, traditional-tasting Jus.


MAGGI Demi-Glace Sauce Mix is the perfect base for creating wonderfully rich velvety classic brown sauces that are quick and easy to prepare in minutes.


MAGGI Béchamel Sauce Mix makes a wonderfully rich and delicately flavoured white sauce base. Simple to prepare, it’s the perfect accompaniment for fish, vegetables and pasta dishes.

Cheese Sauce MAGGI Cheese Sauce Mix is perfect in pastas, quiches, over vegetables and fish. Quick and easy to prepare, its creamy, cheesy flavour, adds an extra dimensionto any dish.